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Ruby Earrings Mini
Ruby Earrings Mini

Van Cleef Inspired Frivole Earrings, Mini, Ruby

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Gold plated sterling silver
Gold plated sterling silver
Yellow gold
Yellow gold
White gold
Rose gold

Stone: Ruby simulant
Material: Gold filled sterling silver.
Craftsmanship: Top quality 1:1 down to the tiniest details including the hall marks.
Competitiveness: We offer best quality products for the best price in market.
Guarantee: Nickle free, hypoallergenic, no tarnishing.

Elevate your elegance with the Van Cleef VCA Inspired Frivole Earrings, a captivating imitation inspired by the original VCA design. Crafted in 18k gold plated sterling silver, these earrings showcase delicate motifs featuring simulated rubies.

These exquisite earrings effortlessly embody the essence of VCA's iconic Frivole Earrings design, exuding sophistication at a fraction of the cost. With enduring gold plating, they promise a lasting, luxurious shine.

Whether for a special occasion or to add a touch of allure to your daily attire, these Van Cleef Inspired Frivole Earrings are certain to captivate attention. Treat yourself or surprise someone special with these enchanting replicas, honoring one of the world's most esteemed jewelry houses.